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GX2 Steps

Product on VehicleGX2 Step

Product Finish (Polished)

XM3 Polished

CARR's new Xtreme Mechanical Polished finish that won't rust, crack or peel and requires very little maintenance.
Product Finish (Black)

XP3 Black

CARR's new Xtreme Black Powder Coat finish features a lightly textured matte finish that resists scratching, peeling and fading.


  • Exclusive new multi-mount system
  • Made of corrosion resistant, durable cast aluminum alloy
  • Available in XM3 Polished "Chrome Like" finish and XP3 Black Powder Coat finish
  • Rugged tread pattern provides for safe and attractive non-slip surface
  • Rocker panel installation provides for the strongest and easiest installation of any step products
  • Unique design gives the vehicle a rugged off road look, while being a stylish accent for today's vehicles


  • From $254.10. Sold as pairs only!


  • Easy installation
  • Durable die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Strong construction to hold up under extreme conditions
  • Unique tread pattern provides a safe non-slip surface
  • Innovative stylish design
  • Limited lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship


  • Width: Large 20" width, 3" tubular design
  • Step Pad: Exclusive diamond non-slip tread pattern
  • Step: Flat step area for increased safety


For special orders or single parts, please contact CARR at (951) 719-1068






2002-2017 Avalanche 147022 147021
2002-2017 Denali Truck 147022 147021
1986-2017 Fullsize Crew Cab (will fit all doors) 147022 147021
1988-2017 Sierra/Silverado 1500 C&K PU / Fullsize 147022 147021
2001-2017 Sierra/Silverado 2500/3500 C&K PU / Fullsize (HD) 147022 147021




1997-2017 Dakota 147022 147021
2002-2017 Fullsize 1500/2500/3500 Ram Pickup (Regular Cab) 147022 147021
1994-2002 Fullsize 2500 / 3500 Ram Pickup (Regular Cab) 147022 147021
1974-1993 Fullsize Pickup 147022 147021
1994-2001 Fullsize Ram Pickups (Regular Cab) 147022 147021
2002-2017 Quad Cab (will fit all doors) 1500/2500/3500 Ram Pickup 147022 147021
1998-2002 Quad Cab (will fit all doors) 2500/3500 Ram Pickup 147022 147021
1998-2001 Quad Cab (will fit all doors) Ram 1500 Pickup 147022 147021




2000-2002 Excursion (All doors) 147102 147101
1997-2017 Expedition (All Doors) 147022 147021
2004-2014 F-150 New Body Style (All Doors) 147022 147021
1997-2003 F-150 Quad Cab (All Doors) 147022 147021
2001-2003 F-150 SuperCrew (All Doors) 147022 147021
1997-2004 F-150/F-150 Heritage Pick-up (All Doors) 147022 147021
1999-2017 Super Duty All Cabs (will fit all doors) 147102 147101




2002-2017 Frontier Crew Cab (All Doors) 147022 147021
1998-2017 Frontier Regular Cab 147022 147021
2000-2017 Xterra (Front doors) 147022 147021
* Will fit gas engine pickups to allow the steps to extend an additional 1 inch
** Does not fit vehicles with saddle tanks
Note: Vehicles not listed have no applications


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