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Ice Cream Scoop

It all began many years ago from a pattern of Jeff Carr's old friend, Dave Howell. Dave and his wife moved from their home in New Mexico in the midst of the Dust Bowl to find a new life in southern California. It was a rough road for the young couple starting off during the Great Depression, but Dave finally found work and began his pattern making career. Mr. Howell found the unique 1800's style ice cream scoop and made a pattern of it for his own. During Jeff's early career, Mr. Howell gave him the antique ice cream scoop pattern. Jeff altered it to make it more of his own design, and has used it ever since. People from all over; customers, friends, and family claim that they are the best ice cream scoops ever. 8.5 inches long, made of aluminum alloy. Hand wash only.


Now only $6.99 Each in Quantities of 5 (Boxed).

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